Mixed Media Mosaic Artist - Vancouver Island BC Canada

Mosaic Artist - Daryl Lynne Wood - BC Canada - Architectural - Landscape - Sculpture - Art

Just as some people find adventure climbing mountains, I find adventure experimenting with materials in my studio.

An example is when I began “bending the substrate” for mosaics. It was Christmas and there were empty cardboard rolls left from wrapping paper. I had a long rectangular piece of Plexiglas which I put in a 325 degree oven. When the Plexiglas became pliable, I took it out and shaped it over the cardboard rolls to produce the substrate for “Ripple Effect”. Then I used transparent adhesive to create the mosaic.

Everywhere I go, from trail hiking and beach walking, to rock and gem shops, I collect a variety of fragments to use for mosaics as well as enjoying the use of traditional Italian smalti. My studio is a random collection of diverse materials, but, when an idea and composition come to mind, I find a harmony that brings many elements together. I have a contemporary sensibility towards mosaic composition, but I have studied traditional andamento and techniques and try to use this mosaic language to express new ideas. This is the adventure and experiment that inspire me to create mosaics.


I have been honoured to exhibit in various juried international mosaic art shows and to participate in mosaic conferences in exciting places around the world.

  • Society of American Mosaic Artists, (SAMA): 2005 – 2011: Washington, Chicago, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, Austin, U.S.A.
  • British Association of Modern Mosaics, (BAMM): 2007: Woverhampton, England, “BAMM Breakout”
  • International Mosaic Association, (AIMC): 2008: Gaziantep Turkey, 2011: Athienou Museum, Cyprus, 2014: Vienna, Austria.


  • Emily Carr College of Art and Design: Professional Development Courses
  • Became an “Active Member” of the Federation of Canadian Artists in 1991
  • Orsoni “Master in Mosaic” Class, 2006 in Venice Italy
  • Accepted in Juried Art shows since 1985, Mixed Media Painting and Mosaics
  • Volunteer work in Theatre Set Painting and Design

Member of:

  • Society of American Mosaic Artists, SAMA
  • British Association of Modern Mosaics, BAMM
  • International Association of Mosaic Artists, AIMC